Supre Tan Tan Candy™ Maximizing Creme

Supre Tan Tan Candy™ Maximizing Creme
2014 Supre Tan Tanning Lotion!!!
Tan Candy
Temptingly Tan Maximizing Crème
* Sugar Cane & Sweet Almond Oil
* Deeply Hydrating
* Fragrance: Pink Lemonade

* Available in: 8.5 oz. bottle & .57 oz. sample
* Price: $$

Tan Candy™ Temptingly Tan Maximizing Crème combines the richest dark tanning ingredients with Sugar Cane & Sweet Almond Oil for deeply moisturized skin and dark color results!

Cocoa Complex is antioxidant enriched to help smooth skin and give it a flawless and toned, radiant appearance.
CandyColor™ Tanning Complex provides a sweet, rich, golden color with natural color enhancers.
Decadent Moisturizing Blend combines Sweet Almond Oil and Sugar Cane to help lock in color and leaves skin feeling silky, smooth, and soft.

Paraben Free


  1. I used this yesterday around 3pm.

    *Scent-Straight up like pink lemonade!! It's yummy,not strong and fades away after tanning.

    *Zero ATO

    *Lotion is creamy,goes on super smooth and absorbs wonderfully,not at all greasy feeling. This lotion made my skin feel amazingly soft and decently moisturized.

    *I also used this on my face and the lotion felt very lightweight after applying it. It didn't irritate my skin at all or make my skin feel coated or nasty.

    *This lotion really amped up my color for not having bronzers!! I used at tantoo in a random spot and this morning its still super crisp!

    I LOVE this lotion!!!!!!! I would have got it a while back but the pink lemonade scent put me off since I didn't know what to expect and I'm not big on lemon scents. After reading Heathery's review above and hearing about how good it was from a few others I had to try it! The pink lemonade scent is wonderful not at all lemony like Pledge or something lol its just sweet and lemony goodness!

    I love also that there is absolutely no ato from this lotion and that I can go somewhere after tanning if I had to without reeking. The color boost was great and I can't wait to try this outdoors this summer too!! This is bottle/packet worthy!!

    5/5 stars

  2. This maximizer get me darker than any other maximizer I have ever used! On top of that, it smells AMAZING (and I agree with Princesa, I'm not a fan of lemon fragrances usually either!) It is extremely hydrating and feels great on my skin as well. My one complaint is that I wish it was just a little thicker... I don't like super thick silicone-based lotions usually, but this one was a little too much on the "watery" side.