Synergy Brown Envy™ Tanning Accelerator

Synergy Brown Envy™ Tanning Accelerator
New 2014 Synergy Tan!!!
Brown Envy
Rich & Dark Tanning Accelerator
Level 1: For All Skin Types
* Deeply Hydrating
* Heals and Protects Skin
* Fragrance: Creamy Vanilla Bean
* Available in: 8.5 oz. bottle and 1 oz. sample
* Price: $

Brown Envy™ is an accelerator that is designed with a rapid delivery system to provide darker and longer lasting color and more intense results in less time! It is also designed for all skin types and contains high end moisturizing ingredients to keep skin as healthy as possible!

ColorSURGE MAX™ Technology:  This includes a rapid color delivery system that provides darker color, longer lasting and more intense results in less time.
Shea and Cocoa Butters: Provide exceptional skin conditioning benefits and protect the vital moisture levels in the skin.
Monoi de Tahiti®: A patented ingredients that works to replenish and restore lost moisture to the skin.
Nourishing Aloe:  Aloe nourishes and keeps skin as healthy as possible by working to deeply soothe, heal, and protect the skin.



  1. Loved this lotion! Bought it because I didn't have a ton of cash and don't like bronzers. it smelled sooooooo good and i saw color right away. would def buy again

  2. Best lotion I have ever used!! I am allergic to the bronzers and broke out in hives trying different lotions! I would recommend this to anyone I love it, been tanning three weeks when I have time maybe 3 times a week and already have a rich dark tan!!! I hope they make this lotion forever