Australian Gold Hemp Nation™ Clarifying Body Wash

Australian Gold Hemp Nation™ Clarifying Body Wash
New 2014 Australian Gold !!!
Hemp Nation
Clarifying Body Wash Infused with Vanilla
Pineapple Fruit Blend & Hemp Seed Oil
 Coconut Water
* Tropical Fruit Blend Infusion
* Fragrance: Vanilla Pineapple

* Available in: 8.0 oz. bottle or 0.5 oz. sample

Australian Gold’s Hemp Nation™ Clarifying Body Wash is packed with the best skincare ingredients that keep skin healthy and youthful, while deeply hydrating skin and prolonging the life of your tan!
Clarifying Body Wash made up of a powerful blend of microbial fighting ingredients to sooth irritation and heals skin for a balanced and smooth complexion.
Pure Hemp Seed Oil contains a special blend of amino and fatty acids that work together to provide the deepest level of moisturization.
Tropical Fruit Blend with vanilla and pineapple, anti-oxidants and enzymes combine to soften and hydrate skin, increase elasticity of the skin, and fight the signs of aging.
Coconut Water fights free-radicals and restores moisture balance to the skin to help prolong the life of the tan.

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