Designer Skin Take Note™ Dark Bronzer

Designer Skin Take Note™ Dark Bronzer
New 2014 Tanning Lotion!!!
Take Note™
Naturally Dark Bronzer
* Instant Bronzers  (streak-free/stain-free)
* Aloe + a touch of silicone
* Fragrance: Bergamot Spice
* Available in: 8 oz. Bottle & 0.5 oz Sample

Take Note™ joins the Love DS® product line as a natural bronzing lotion that is no-maintenance and geared towards gentlemen tanners.

Natural Bronzing Blend of Tyrosine, Henna, Black Walnut Shell, and Erythrulose combine to help promote dark, even, immediate color.
Skincare: an extra helping of Aloe Vera plus a touch of Silicone provide skin with optimal hydration and an exceptionally smooth feel.
Unisex Fragrance enticing notes of Florals, Beachwood, and Grapefruit work together to give the perfect fragrance perfect for any tanner.


  1. It gave me hives :(

  2. Love this, we are going to Cabo so we started tanning, grabbed the little packlettes of these to try left my skin sooooo smoth, I have dry skin naturally and using this i'm not having that issue