Designer Skin Picture Perfect™ Bronzer

Designer Skin Picture Perfect™ Bronzer
New 2014 Tanning Lotion !!!
Picture Perfect™
Pore Minimizing BB Bronzing Balm
Dark Facial Bronzer with IPF Defense Complex
* Instant Bronzers
* Fragrance Free
* Available in: 3.6 oz. Bottle

Picture Perfect™ is a great replacement product for the retired Amazing Face™ product; with updated skincare and natural bronzing technology is can also be worn everyday as a daily facial moisturizer/cosmetic bronzer.

BB Bronzing Balm promotes dark color results with Brown Seaweed plus a Cosmetic Bronzer for immediate color that will wash away with just water.
IPF Defense Complex works to protect skin at a cellular level by helping to fight against oxidation and damage to the delicate DNA of the skin.
Pore Minimizing Blend reduces pore size and softens skin by helping to regenerate and renew skin cells.


  1. **My review on Jan 9,2014**

    *It smells like lotion if that makes sense lol

    *Goes on lightweight and creamy. The lotion is light tan and the cosmetic bronzer in this is light IMO unless your extremely pale its not noticeable (or maybe I'm too dark to notice it lol) After washing my face tonight I can tell that my face really picked up nice color!!

    I'm liking this facial lotion a lot! I'm glad I have it!!

    5/5 stars

  2. Love this facial lotion. I've used this, Clearly Obsessed, and Luminary for Face. Love all three. I noticed that with this my face doesn't get as oily as it does with the others. Love that there is BB cream in this.