Designer Skin For Keeps™

Designer Skin For Keeps™
2014 Designer Skin !!!
For Keeps™
Tan Extending Body Crème
* Silicone Free & Gluten Free
* Caffeine: Firms + Energizes
* Fragrance: French Macaroon
* Available in: 10oz. & 0.5 oz. sample

For Keeps™ is an excellent add-on product new for the 2014 season to help you maintain your dark color longer!
Crème de la Crème is the base of this product, which is designed to provide a luxurious feel by deeply conditioning the skin.
Cocoa and Shea Butters combine with Natural Oils and Avocado to protect color from fading by locking in moisture to the skin.
Caffeine firming and energizing blend of caffeine provides skin with an overall improved texture and appearance for a healthy glow.
Specially Blended French Macaroon Fragrance for a sweet, kissable taste- Vanilla Macaroon and French Vanilla Buttercream combine.


  1. *Scent-Dead on French vanilla macaroon..even almost marshamallowy! It smells AMAZING!!!!!!(after applying it dies down very nice)

    *Its creamy but imo not overly thick at all,it rubs it well without feeling greasy. This made my skin velvety soft!!!

    *Definitely has the "kissable" thing going on & yes I did test it out on my arm & it tasted like a light French vanilla frosting!

    I used this last night after my shower and love how it made my skin feel so baby soft and the scent is to die for! I will say that this morning I did not feel the need to moisturize again due to my skin feeling nice & soft..

    5/5 stars!!!!!!!

    *If your iffy on sweet scents then try a packet 1st!!

  2. Being a long time salon employee I go through alot of lotions, I'm hard to impress because I know what I'm looking for ingredient wise compared to price. I'm a huge designer skin fan (I mean who isn't) and I definitely was NOT let down by this extender. The smell is amazing and not to over powering, after you put it on it fades into a nice soft and sweet smell, it gave me great hydration without feeling too heavy or thick and it's not greasy at all. For as well as it hydrated my skin I would of thought it to be a much heavier lotion but it is not. I recommend to all my clients. 5/5 stars.