Swedish Beauty Green with Envy™

Swedish Beauty Green with Envy™
New 2014 Swedish Beauty !!!
Green with Envy™
ColorAttract™ DHA Bronzer
*Great for all skin types
*DHA + Instant Color Boosters
*Fragrance: Jealously Juicy Apple

*Available in: 8.5 oz. bottle & 0.5 oz. sample

Green with Envy™ is the newest addition to the BoTANica line that continues the natural, relaxed, and spa-like theme.
ColorAttract™ DHA Bronzing Blend DHA in combination with instant color boosters give skin a rich, dark tan color with immediate and delayed results.
AvocaDew™ Moisture Duo Avacado (natural oils) and Aloe (water attracting) work together to deeply absorb and lock in moisture for deep, long lasting hydration.
Silcone Soft Skin provides an indulged and refreshed feel to the skin.
SkinStatus™ Skincare Vitamin E (antioxidants) plus Witch Hazel (natural astringent) protect, heal, and moisturize skin.

Boosted BioBronze™ Blend dark, natural color is enhanced with the tropical fruit smoothie containing Banana, Orange, Cocoa, and Angelica.

1 comment:

  1. I used a packet of this mid November..
    *Scent-Smells kinda like green apple jolly ranchers...wich after tanning it faded away.

    *Lotion itself is light tan...goes on super smooth and rubs in well w/out feeling greasy,my skin felt amazingly soft.

    *No initial ATO but then after a few hours it got a little yucky...not from the DHA wich I never picked up a hint of! But my husband said I smelled like borderline dirty socks lmao

    *DHA is 12th listed ingredient on the packet from what I can tell.

    *Color boost was ok..I used a tantoo and initially the outline was crisp but went away after a few hours.

    As of this morning I seemed to have a ok color boost,no smell of DHA or the dirty sock smell lol overall this really isn't a bad bronzer but it didn't "wow" me. I love the whole avocado moisture thing and how it made my skin feel great! The DHA brozing could have been better imo.....If I had to compare this to any other SB lotion Pearfecto & Kiwi Be Friends delivered so much better color than this! I even would throw Grapeful in there despite its hideous ATO lol

    3.5/5 stars from me Due to not the best color but excellent moisturizing factors.

    This one is still packet worthy IMO but don't go out and buy the bottle outright without sampling first just to make sure you love it.