Designer Skin Daily Sunless Extender

Designer Skin Daily Sunless Extender
2013 Designer Skin !!!
Daily Sunless Extender
*Deeply Hydrating
*Nutrient Rich
*Fragrance: Coconut Blossom

Designer Skin’s Faux Natural Sunless Collection’s Daily Sunless Extender is a great product to use each day to moisturize your skin and keep your sunless tan looking beautiful! Visit for reviews of the other quality lotion products.

Daily Sunless Extender Features:
Revolutionary Formula: Moisturizing complex that deeply hydrates without heavy silicones that can block Erythrulose and DHA from penetrating the skin during sunless tanning.
Botanical O2 Complex™:
 Helps with the circulation of oxygen to the skin and provides hydration to help extend the life of a sunless tan.

Nutrient Blend: Opti-Glow™ Technology combines with an illuminating blend of nutrient rich Apricot and Oat give skin a beautiful and luminous appearance.
Preparation: To achieve a perfect sunless tan, preparation is the key! Smooth skin with the Exfoliating Body Polish, cleanse skin with the Sulfate Free Body Wash and apply the Color Perfecting Primer to best prepare skin for the most natural looking, even tan color before applying the 360° Sunless Mist.

Tip: Using the Daily Sunless Extender in place of your regular moisturizer on the day of your sunless session will avoid creating barriers on the skin that could hinder sunless results!

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