Devoted Creations Pink is the New Black™

Devoted Creations Pink is the New Black™
2013 Devoted Creations !! 
Pink is the New Black™
Super Soft Instant Bronzing Elixir 

* Natural Stain-free/Streak-free Bronzer
* Formulated to extend color
* Fragrance: Agave & Lotus
* 13.5 US fl. oz.    

Pink is the New Black™ is a DHA-free natural bronzer that provides dark, deep results without staining or streaking!

* Pink is the New Black™ Features:
Moisturizers: Features Cashmere Extracts to provide long lasting deep hydration of the skin for luxuriously silky skin.
Anti-aging: Contains Renovage and PhyToCellTec that work together to firm and plump skin, maintain optimal moisturization levels, and extend the life of healthy skin cells.
Extends: SunXtend prolongs the life of your tan and provides anti-fading color.
Repairs: prolongs the life-span of skin cells, reverses cell damage, and increases the production of collagen to give skin a younger, tighter, and firmer appearance.
Firming:  Body Fit™ Technology firms the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite.
ATO (After Tan Odor): FreshTek Technology is a blend of skin freshening ingredients that deodorize and deliver a fresh after-tan fragrance.

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  1. I liked this lotion, but I didn't love it. It's very moisturizing and I liked that it has natural bronzers because I have experienced some streaking/staining from DHA bronzers in the Devoted Creations product line. I just didn't feel like it did a lot for me as far as maximizing my results; I didn't notice much of a difference in color. However, it did keep my skin soft and it had a nice light fragrance. This would probably be a good choice for a beginning tanner.