Australian Gold Dark D Light™

Australian Gold Dark D Light™
AG 2013 Mid-season Launch!
Dark D Light™
Vitamin D Enriched InstaDark
Bronzer with Cloud Nine Complex

* Natural and Tan Activating Bronzers        
* Enriched with Vitamins
* Fragrance: Sexy Sun
* 10 US fl. oz.

Dark D Light™is enriched with Vitamin A, D and E!

* Dark D Light™ Features:Natural Bronzer: InstaDark™ Bronzers provide instant deep, dark color that is streak-free and stain-free. Contains tan activators, which provide developed and delayed color. Vitamin Blend: Enriched with ProVitamin D, Vitamins A and E. Antioxidant vitamins provide age-defying, anti-wrinkle properties.
Moisture-Rich:  Hemp Seed Oil, Aloe, and Sunflower provide deep hydration for smooth and healthy skin.
Cloud Nine Complex: Provides mood enhancing properties for an all-over delightful tanning experience. The phyto-endorphin blend also restores skin radiance and vitality and moisturizes then skin.
ATO: invigorating and fresh after-tan fragrance delivered by Tanfresh™ Blend.

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  1. I just got this lotion and have only used it maybe 3 times at the very most! PLEASE someone give some input and opinions on how this lotion has worked/not worked for you. Pros/Cons, ALL you can give me. I REALLY NEED to hear some reviews so i know to return it or not. Thanks so much to all that will help/respond!
    -Amanda Stanback