Swedish Beauty Honey Bee Bronze™

Swedish Beauty Honey Bee Bronze™
New 2013 Swedish Beauty !!!
Honey Bee Bronze™
Hypoallergenic Facial Bronzer with DHA

* Extended Release DHA Bronzers
* Stimulates pigment production
* Fragrance free
* 3.0 US fl. oz.

*Honey Bee Bronze™ Features:

Hypoallergenic: Passed 6 week Stringent Test where product is continuously tested on all skin types.
Extended Release DHA Bronzers: DHA is protected in a liposome and released during and after session for darker color. M.A.P. (Melanin Activating Peptide) stimulates pigment for better results.
Hydration and Protection: restores vitality and softness to dry, chapped skin.
Boosted BioBronze Technology: Blend of natural botanical ingredients helps activate tan color to achieve darker hues.
Gentle DHA Bronzing Blend: Creates an effortless, gorgeous golden glow.
TanStart Technology: Stimulates pigment production for dark color results.

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  1. I love this facial tanner! Doesn't clog my pores and still gets my face tan! I also loved that if I ever tanned with makeup on, it never messed up my makeup!