Swedish Beauty Cutecumber™

Swedish Beauty Cutecumber™
2013 Swedish Beauty !!!
Non-Comedogenic Gentle DHA Bronzing Blend

* Blend of natural botanical ingredients
* Promotes clearer skin
* Fragrance: Cucumber Citrus Twist
* 8.5 US fl. oz.

 * Cutecumber™ Features:
Non-Comedogenic: Promotes clearer skin with a blend of natural ingredients that help purify, moisturize and refresh.
Freedom Formula: Designed for sensitive skin without additives, preservatives, allergens or fillers.
Boosted BioBronze Technology: Blend of natural botanical ingredients helps activate tan color to achieve darker hues.
Gentle DHA Bronzing Blend: Creates an effortless, gorgeous golden glow.
TanStart Technology: Stimulates pigment production for dark color results.

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  1. This is an amazing lotion! Love the smell and darkens me very fast!