California Tan Bare Science Vital

California Tan Bare Science Vital
New 2013 California Tan !!! 
Bare Science Vital
Hypoallergenic Enlivening Tingle Bronzer

* Deeper and Darker Tanning Results
* Level 15 Hot Action
* Fragrance: Raspberry Ice
* 8 US fl. oz.

* Bare Science Vital Features:
Hypoallergenic: Clinically proven hypoallergenic formula is ideal for sensitive skin to achieve faster, darker tanning results.
Oxidize:  TRF and CuO2 - Each is an advanced and boosting tanning technology with high levels of copper peptides and oxygen that energize the skin for deeper and darker tanning results as well as enhanced collagen production for amplified color.
Hot Action: H.E.A.T. Technology and Level 15 Hot Action – Advanced sensory technology that gives intense hot action with Benzyl Nicotinate and a powerful botanical ingredient.

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