Australian Gold Classic Sydney™ 25 Power Black Bronzer

Australian Gold Classic Sydney™ Bronzer

New 2013 Australian Gold !!!  
Classic Sydney
 25 Power Black Bronzer
Deluxe DHA Bronzer
Organic, Paraben & Silicone Free
* Fragrance: Coconut Craze
* 8.5 US fl. oz.

25 Power Black Bronzer:  Organic Black Walnut Extract, DHA, and other natural bronzers ensure instant and delayed deep, dark color.
Organic Skincare:  A unique blend of Organic Honey Extract, Organic Orange Extract, and Organic Sunflower Seed Oil introduces the skin to a wholesome goodness that creates healthier, hydrated skin for a longer-lasting bronze hue.
Moisturizing Complex:  Lightweight moisturizing complex formulated with Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil and other natural ingredients for a luxurious feel and extreme hydration.
Skin-Softening Blend:  Vitamin E and Aloe vera help neutralize free radicals and help prevent and diminish fine lines and wrinkles for age-defying benefits.

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