Kardashian Glow™ Tan Extender

Kardashian Glow™ Tan Extender
New 2013 !!!
Kardashian Glow™ Tan Extender
Luxe Silicone Formula
* Rich Flower Oil
* Vitamin C
* Fragrance:  Juicy Apricot
* 13.5 US fl. oz.

 Kardashian Glow™ Tan Extender Features:
Rich Flower Oil offers deep moisturization, while providing powerful antioxidants to protect the skin from damaging elements
Vitamin C helps neutralize free-radicals that impact skin on a daily basis, while helping to minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation and wrinkles
Hemp Free and Gluten Free Formula
Fragrance: Sweet Blossom Bouquet
Available in: 16 oz. Bottle / 0.5 oz. Packette

Story:  Whether you’re stepping out on a red carpet, hitting the town or relieving stress with a little retail therapy—You never know where the paparazzi may strike. With our premiere line of tanning products you will be photo ready wherever you go! Bronze color perfection with a kiss of Kardashian!
Kourtney, Kim & Khloé


  1. Replies
    1. For the price and name I was surprised. Yes smells wonderful, not long lasting in sent or in keeping skin moisturized. I have tanned on an off for 20 years and could not see any changes as far as preserving your tan. Save your money

    2. I completely agree!

  2. *Scent-Reminds me of a light perfume & flowers..its smells soooo nice & pretty.

    *Nice,silky & moisturizing without feeling heavy. I love how soft my skin feels after using this and hours later.

    One of my new favorite moisturizers!!

    5/5 stars

  3. Ughh doesn't moisturize at all! My skin will be dry after an hour of use and I don't usually have dry skin. SAVE YOUR MONEY!
    I also couldn't see a difference in extending my tan. My tan wears off just like before.