Australian Gold Tiara™

New Australian Gold !!!   
Fifty50™ Diamond Intensifier
* Color Enhancing Combo
* SatinTouch™
* Fragrance: At Last fragrance
8.5 US fl. oz. 

Tiara™  Features:
Color Enhancing Combo: Monoi de Tahiti® and powerful Tyrosine unite for longer-lasting deeper color.
Fifty50™ Skincare: Revolutionary blend of extreme skincare ingredients, including Delicate Diamond Extract, to restore skin's lost luster and brilliance.
SatinTouch™ Blend: Botanically derived blend provides luxurious feel and extreme hydration for silky, smooth perfect skin.
Experience your fairytale with this At Last fragrance.  Try layering with out After All® Body Butter for a longer lasting fragrance experience.
Tiara™ Fifty50™ Diamond Intensifier is a girl's best friend for a youthful, captivating dark tan glow.  Experience never-ending decadent color with our unique Color Enhancing Combo that strengthens and intensifies for a deep, dark hue.  An intense blend of luxurious skincare, including our Delicate Diamond Extract, helps firm and moisturize for a divine luminous finish.  SatinTouch™ Blend will leave your skin so soft others will be envious.  So, treat your skin to the quintessential luxury of diamonds.

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