Devoted Creations Glitterazzi

Devoted Creations Glitterazzi
2012 Devoted Creations
Lush, Rich Créme Bronzing Formula
with Champagne & Silk extracts
*Mela-Dark Complex ™

*Fragrance: Sweet Summertime
*7 US fl. oz.

Mela-Dark Complex™ - Interacts with the skin to produce the most natural looking dark tan.
Nouritan™ - Stimulates Tyrosine activity in cells and promotes an even and long lasting tan.
Renovage™ - Firms, hydrates and plumps the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging.
IdealLift™ - Fights against skin sagging and improves skin elasticity.
BodyFit™ - Reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes firmness.
Dark cosmetic bronzers give an immediate gorgeous glow while the light DHA blend supplements the tan.
Blended with extreme levels of silicone to create a barrier on the skin which locks in moisture and provides a silky, smooth feel.
FreshTek™ - a proprietary blend of skin deodorizing and freshening ingredients.

Fragrance: Sweet Summertime
Product Actions:
Tan Enhancer, BronzerProduct Specs: 7 US fl. oz. (200mL) bottle,

GLITTERAZZI™ is a light champagne infused bronzer with dark cosmetic tint that will give you an immediate sheen to the skin. The champagne will energize the skin while the diamond dust illuminators will hide tiny imperfections and the silicone will leave a soft and smooth feel. Mela-Dark™ and Nouritan™ technologies are blended to work together to stimulate melanin production and tyrosine activity to help promote a dark, even and long lasting tan. Powerful, cutting edge skin care technologies are utilized to firm, hydrate and plump the skin, combat the signs of aging, improve elasticity and skin tightness while reducing the appearance of cellulite. A lavish sweet summertime scent is the perfect match to this perfect product!

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