Supre Tan Luxx Emerald

Supre Tan Luxx Emerald

Supre Tan !!!

Luxx Emerald™
*24 Karat Liquid Gold
*Diamond Dust
*Silk Protein
*12 US fl. oz.

Luxx Emerald™ pampers your skin with the perfect fusion of luxury and technology for an eternal youthful look.
Revolutionary Tanning Complex blended with powerful tan extension technology creates the ultimate in long lasting color.
24 Karat Liquid Gold indulges your skin with a rich, glowing, radiant appearance.
Precious Diamond Dust captivates the full spectrum of light, cascading it into the skin’s surface for a more natural and brilliant color and tone.
Elegantly blended silk protein and luxurious silicones leave skin feeling incredibly smooth, soft and decadent to the touch.

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