Designer Skin Modern Bombshell

Designer Skin Modern Bombshell
2012 Designer Skin !!!
Modern Bombshell
Ultimate Sizzle Complex
*16 Bronzers
*Oxygen Infused
*Fragrance: Rose Berry
*13.5 US fl. oz.

Modern Bombshell’s™ 300XX Ultimate Sizzle Complex provides immediate color through an ultra intense tingle and reddening sensation.
16X Bronzer with Ultra Pure DHA, MelanINK™ Bronzing Technology, and natural bronzers provide deep rich, color.
Oxygen Infused Age-Defying Concentrate helps promote increased brightness and rejuvenation to dull, lifeless skin.
Fragrance: Rose Berry


  1. I put it on and my entire body turned red and burned horribly. . Took about 2 hours to go away. . I had some left on my hands and touched my daughter not knowing and she turned bright red as well.. it was a horrible experience ..

    1. The redness and burning is what the tingle lotions do. It means that the lotion did its job. The tingles open up your pores so your body can absorb more, and it can be uncomfortable. That is why you should start with a low tingle, instead of the 300x ultimate sizzle. You went too intense too fast.

  2. I have used the regular bombshell tons of times and it is an amazing product! It smells great and has a good amount of heat. If you have never tried a tingle before, do NOT start off with Bombshell or Modern Bombshell which is stronger. They have much lighter tingles for first timers. Pink Diamond is a low level tingle to start off with. If you have hit a tanning platue, I would definitely give Bombshell or Modern Bombshell a try. Really great color boost. After one or two times using it you won't feel the heat as much so I would definitely rotate between a tingle and another lotion of your choice.

  3. I used the original Bombshell before this and loved it. This is a strongggg tingle! I, personally, love tingles so this is a must have for me. I really like the smell and it gets me so dark, super fast! This product does turn me more red than a couple other tingles that I've used but it usually subsides within about 30 minutes:)