Australian Gold Shades Of Summer

Australian Gold Shades Of Summer

New for 2012 !!!
Shades Of Summer TM       
Instant Dark Bronzers
*Marathon Color TM
*Natural Bronzers
*Fragrance: Paradise Sunset

Shades Of Summer TM   uses Marathon Color TM Technology with its exclusive blend of DHA and Blue Green Algae for a longer lasting tan.
With a Blend of Instant and Natural Bronzers, Shades Of Summer TM   will help give you skin deep, dark, instant color.Skin-saving ingredients along with moisturizers and a mix of vitamins combine to give you super smooth skin.

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  1. About the best thing I can say about this one is it smells niice, got very little color from it..VERY DISAPPOINTED, and also upset with sales people who sold it to me, they were less than truthful about how well this product works, on a scale of one to five stars I would rate it a two at best!!!