Devoted Creations High Drama

Devoted Creations High Drama
New for 2011 !!!
High Drama

Super Enhanced Skin Illuminating Maximizer

* MelanoBronze Technology
*Fragrance:  Sugar & Spice
*12.5 US fl. oz.

MelanoBronze Technology:  transforms the skin’s natural pigmentation into a deep bronze that continues to develop hours after each tanning session.
Cashmere Blend:  formulated with diamond dust skin illuminators to give your skin an immediate sheen.
BodyFit:  promotes firmness of the skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite.
Cell LD Technology:  works to repair damaged skin cells and boost collagen production for a firmer, tighter look.
Ceramide 2 Technology: bathes the skin in moisture and hydration leaving it soft and smooth.

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