Millennium Black Storm

Millennium Black Storm

Black Storm

*60X Auto-Darkening Tan Technology
*Extreme Silicone Bronzer
*Fragrance: Fruity Honeysuckle
*13.5 US fl. oz.

Auto-Darkening Tan Technology: unique formula that delivers maximum dark tanning results immediately
Extreme Bronzing Blend:  advanced bronzing blend that provides skin with immediate deep, dark color results plus time released bronzers for delayed color development
 Extreme Silicone:  nourishes skin and moisturizes, leaving skin feeling velvety-smooth
Acai Oil:  contains 10 times the antioxidant benefits of other fruits to help keep skin healthy and fights against the development of fine lines and wrinkles
Moisturizers:  help to hydrate the skin to maintain moisture & balance, keeping skin healthy for maximum effect.

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