Designer Skin Angel Daily Moisturizer

Designer Skin Angel
Angel Daily Moisturizer
* Deeply Moisturizes
* Hemp Seed Oil
* Fragrance:  Angel - Kiwi Pear
* 20 US fl. oz.
* Price: $

Designer Skin's Angel Moisturizer is a tried and true favorite of the staff and contributors. Great fragrance, moisturizers that last all day and with a value price this ones an all around winner.

Skin Conditioners: saturates skin with moisture-rich actives that promote soft, luminous skin
Hemp Seed Oil: Applies antioxidants to the skin that support increased collagen and skin integrity. Also helps hydrate the skin for optimal appearance.
Antioxidant and Vitamin Properties: helps to maintain and prolong the beauty and life of your tan while promoting a healthy-looking glow and improving the appearance of the skin.



  1. I have always loved Angel Moisturizer but I just recently started using it daily again. I can already tell that my skin is looking more radiant and healthy from just a few uses! It smells better than any Bath & Body Works lotion I have ever had. This product is a must have for anyone that wants to extend the life of their tan or just keep their skin as healthy as it can be!

  2. By Princesa (11/09/2012 12:31:47 pm):
    Not one of my faves due to the "lemon pledge" oddball scent but its nicely moisturizing.
    I never smelled anything "kiwi pear" over the years in bottles of this lotion